Faizan Tariq is the founding partner of Archshire, an emerging architectural design practice in Pakistan. He graduated from the COMSATS University of Science and Technology Islamabad in 2013. His design philosophy addresses the diversity of Contrast in architecture.

Faizan has been the energetic strength in conceptual and detailed projects such as Mankhool Hotel apartments, City Center by MAF, BMW car showroom, Al-Huda School, ADCI head office, POLO Town houses, Residence, Club house (community development by IGO) and numerous competition and residential projects in Dubai. Faizan has lectured and exhibited work in University of Engineering and Technology, Architecture Dept. Abbottabad Campus, and has worked with the leading architects on various types of projects in Pakistan.

He believes, Architecture is n-dimensional work of art on the provided canvas of site. Nature is the master architect WHO created the canvas of earth and designed it perfectly. So it’s an architect’s liability to respect the nature and design not just the building itself, but a responsive mechanism which interacts with its surroundings to contribute in the greater picture of the city.

Through “n-dimension” he fancy the idea of some un-defined energies e.g. feelings, moods, user habits, visual patterns and values of life which are related to architecture, beyond the technicalities of space, form, textures, Light, air, time etc., which must be treasured by architects.

Modern technology and the experience of Digital games have always been an inspiring and a source of motivation to create, see and experience things for him like many. Through various events and studies, Contrast in Architecture has always been a key point to his focus in his work career, especially in aesthetics and compositions. Contrast carries surprise and “Surprise is Key in all art”, (Oscar Niemeyer). He is ambitious to comprehend, practice and give the best justification on the philosophy of “Contrast in Architecture”.


Ali Inayat Mirza is a practicing Architect and managing partner of Archshire, an Architectural and interior consultancy firm based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Soon after graduating in the year of 2013 from COMSATS University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Ali Inayat started his practice locally with the well reputed firms of Pakistan where he polished and enhanced his architectural and managerial skills. After getting experience from the local market he moved to Dubai (UAE) to meet this skills at international level and worked there on various projects as a team member and individually which includes Mid Rise buildings, community residential houses, town houses and interiors. While possessing sensitive eye on practical approach in the field of architecture he also review the designs critically to make sure the sustainability of the design.

He believes that architecture is not the field which you choose on a day or two days of thinking process, it’s the type of field which make you think about its importance from day one, as he share his experience as,

“A pencil, ruler and rubber or perhaps a sharpener from time to time; those were the essential tools which followed me around as a child whilst I imagined, designed and drew my perfect, dream house (which was obviously and most tastefully black & white throughout!!). So it was inevitable that I would pursue a career in design.”

Along with the aesthetical side to architecture, he has also understood the more logical side, this was due to a work experience he got locally and internationally. He built up an array of knowledge and experience, having heard and witnessed the many challenges of the profession. For example demanding clients, late hours, building codes and law, the logic of engineering and mathematics and even the management of the business at times. Through his experiences and knowledge, he realized that pragmatics comes hand in hand with aesthetics in architecture. On a day to day basis he got to know not only imagining and designing, but managing the project, time schedules, construction control, obtaining planning permission, working with fellow architects and engineers, so a good Architect has to follow all of the aspects. He led himself to the conclusion that dreams are the foundations for success, but one can only build success with creativity and logic, especially when art can be so subjective! So, what better way to share my passion for architecture than to help create those dreams for others? After all, “An architect is the drawer of dreams” – Grace McGarvie.


Graduated as an Architect in 2013 from COMSATS INSTITUTE of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Islamabad, Salman J. Malik has been involved with Architecture, Construction & design ever since.

He has been part of NESPAK for the capital development projects in State of Azad Jammu Kashmir. The projects included construction and design consultancy Prime Minister House, President House, Club House & several other projects.

After NESPAK, Salman joined a private firm in Islamabad, and was involved with numerous design project of residencies as well as office buildings and commercial projects. Notable project during a year span was an office building of 40,000 Sq. ft. of an area that was housing around 200 staff personals of an international fashion company based in Lahore, Pakistan.

Currently he is also an Associate architect at one of the leading firms of Pakistan, with projects history of more than 40 Years. The design studio projects vary from residential to large hospitality projects. The most notable project is the designing and upgrading of Best Western Hotel located in Islamabad.

Salman firmly focuses on the functionality of the under assigned project. He follows the “Less in More” philosophy and brings the minimalism out of the spaces.

He has also been part of jury panel for 3rd Year architecture design subject for CIIT, Islamabad.

Apart from practicing architecture, Salman is a keen participant of Institute of Architects Pakistan organizing team, for several years. The team has managed numerous events together that included forum on Sustainable & Responsible Architecture in which architects from all the Asian countries participated.

Photography is also one of the most enjoyed activity for Salman, he is an avid photographer and enjoys his free time with conceptual photography. Also he has worked with various Architects for their Architectural Photography.